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Bill Schwamle


Bill Schwamle

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I have been fascinated with photography as long as I can remember. My fascination accelerated in the 1970’s when I got my first 35MM SLR camera and progressed from taking photos of friends and family to capturing weddings and making artistic photographs. I fell in love with scuba diving in 1987. I borrowed an underwater Nikon rangefinder camera and took hundreds of prints trying to get a few good ones. I enjoyed the challenge to get the image I wanted on film. I learned underwater photographic technique and to be persistent and patient. The delays in processing made the effort frustrating, but a few good prints on each trip made the effort worthwhile. I was in awe of the beauty and abundance of underwater sea life that I saw on each scuba dive adventure. The world of digital photography with instant feedback made underwater photography come to life in real time.  I was able to merge the two hobbies into a more fulfilling hybrid of these two loves. My digital camera and underwater housing have become an integral part of my dive gear. Capturing lasting images of the beautiful, amazing aquatic creatures becomes a quest on each dive. Sharing those images with you is a real joy!

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