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Don Ross


Don Ross

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Photography is such a joy to me because you can never know what new variation of light and shadow you will be exposed to next. And with the new digital equipment it is a photographers dream now when recording those moments. Even I am amazed at the detail available in an image of a darting hummingbird.

Every blink, ruffle, or movement is now available in exquisite detail for logarithmically increased appreciation of the subject, whether buffalo or hummingbird. I have gone from being a wrote memorizer to a creative soul and I love the feeling. The beauty around us is endless and it escapes most people unless it is recorded in a photo.

My personal preference is wildlife and their secret worlds but any scene of beautiful light and shadow combination is reason to record the moment. And the moments are so often totally unexpected. So what better reason to follow wildlife migrations or go on travel adventures? The enjoyment and appreciation is endless.

If I can share these wonderful moments with others, that makes me happy.

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